Pittsburgh POS Solutions for PA, WV and OH

Your Local Connection for the Restaurant Solutions You Need

No matter your hospitality vertical, Pittsburgh POS is the local technology provider that helps you grow your business, providing restaurant POS Solutions for Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio.

From streamlining front- and back-of-house operations, to providing the enhanced experience your customers are looking for, our team can help you implement a total POS solution capable of meeting your unique needs today as well as helping you grow into the future.

Benefits to Your Restaurant

Equip your Restaurant with an Integrated POS Solution for Speed and Efficiency

  • Streamline the ordering, prep, cook, and serving process so customers get their food quickly and accurately.
  • An increasing number of customers are ordering food online and through mobile apps. Grow sales and reach this valuable market segment by implementing online ordering.
  • Speed up ordering while upselling customers with self-service kiosks, allowing you to take orders faster while providing opportunities to increase the average order amount.

POS Designed with Restaurants in Mind

Providing the Solutions your Restaurant Needs to Succeed in PA, WV, and OH

73% of diners agree that new technology is improving their guest experiences at restaurants and they are increasingly likely to use technology tools.

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